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The Mystery Naked by Mel From Melbourne

In addition to this scribble, when I was better I completed the two songs commenced inside my flu:

'The Mystery Naked by Mel From Melbourne' (on - see link )

Words to go with music. By way of explanation. For the path of preconceptions. By way of making off the path more like on the path. There were no paths in the making of this music-sound. Use your God-given ears. You are a miracle. Be miraculous! 

Vocals recorded on my phone. My Father-in-Law’s iPad for free download keys. Free audio software. Self Produced and Mastered. Inspired by an illness and watching a doco about Barry Dickens and his visual art. Most of my music comes that way. Is that enough to go on with? I need a coffee. 

©Mel From Melbourne 2019.
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Harmony Day, Thursday 21st March 2019, Victoria, Australia

Dear Australia,

kind of everything we are and use comes from somewhere else:
Whether it’s the words we use, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, …
Our laws if not Indigenous, come from Europe mainly,
Our understandings of healthy living comes from Asia,
Our music, from Africa
Our medicine from South America
Our philosophy and political system from Africa and from Greece
Our moral code from the Middle East
Our numbers come from the Arab world
Our dreaming is Indigenous.

Our economy survives only because we trade with the world, live with the world, love with the world.
Many of us, when we grow up, will marry people from different places and cultures and make a family with an even better culture
Now more than ever
Any other way is not only impossible but illogical Without the richness of the world None of us would exist
So if we already live together
Then shouldn’t we live harmoniously  Shouldn’t our lives be guided by Love? Because without Love we will kn…

Radio On Berlin – on L & H Pop’s Berlin Debut.

To: Rinus Van Alebeek, Radio On Berlin 

Dear Rinus,
Thank you so much for transmitting our soundwaves. The thought of my two songs playing before passing the baton to your electronic manipulations is a very exciting one. Berlin is a true artistic hub; what a joy to visit even while I undertook my workday duties tens of thousands of kilometres away.
Also, In addition to your artistic tides, you conduct yourself with grace and dignity.
Yes, we Australians, are generally-speaking, Country-singers to a child. Raised in a demotic ideology, rarely straying from song. Berliners of course challenge our hasty footholds at every turn and turn further than we dare. A wondrous thing then to participate in this international collaborative moment still time-travelling through our Multiverse. Apposite extensions of the original data’s binary Love and Hate into the POP! Implied by the work ‘L & H Pop’.
Thank you T K U,
Mel From Melbourne (Malachi)

What in the Facebook?

I’m not quite sure what this emoji means. I was asked by Facebook if I would like to respond with this instead of the usual Like function to a request as to whether I would like to go for a bush walk with my wife. It looks like some gross Trumpian Murdochian racist shite. Horrible. Does everyone get this as an option or only white men? Thanks Facebook. Social media has become are really ugly place, eh?

‘Ludwig van Collage’ by Mel From Melbourne

Music- and sound-collage play in that bend in the river where public access and private property intersect. Its aim is at once the animal pleasure of cool water on a hot day in the company of friends and always those one or two new invitees/crashers AND the conversations that link the percussionivities of joy and tantrum. I will admit that oftentimes these conversations are heavy and BIG, but so often are the best and deepest chats had whilst two or more are walking or running or bathing or working at some simple task, like the task a drummer or horn player undertakes in the oneness of joy engaged in entertaining and educating the people gathered. Perhaps that lesson is community or self-acceptance/-challenge, perhaps it relates to Nature or the otherworld. In most play there is some work just as there ought to be some play in most work. Ludwig van Collage inhabits such waters – legitimating illegitimacy and illegitimating legitimacy plus the other stuff…

The work was conceived and e…

Welcome to the Third World, or The Dark Ages, or Hell(?)

Knoxfield, Vic, Australia Saturday, 2nd Feb 2019

There are no non-Murdoch owned dailies in the newsagent. The Age “wasn’t delivered for the second Saturday in two weeks” – evidence of the new owner’s – the Nine Network, downsizing, and solely financially-interested acquisition. And so, rightly, I conclude, the descent of Oz into Third World status.
30 years ago, we had free universities for all and a vibrant print media. Now 20 years after the internet’s adoption, what...? In the suburbs...? The place where the voters live...? Where a house will cost you a million dollars...? In supposedly, the most progressive state of the nation…? – God help us!
And so it is here I find myself with nothing to read and respond to – no dialogue; And a writer in a Third World Country, or the New Dark Ages, if you prefer, can ONLY respond to what he or she sees, hears, feels, experiences – an ILLITERATE land, A TRULY PRIMATIVE culture, Where the only currency in ideas… Is the dollar.
“God”, the Modernis…

The Naigani Serenaders – Volume 1

Recorded live in the lounge-room ‘studio’ of the Koroi family home, Vuci Road, Nausori, Fiji by Dr Robert Wolfgramm – former Lecturer at Monash University, Editor of the Fiji Daily Post newspaper and Editor of the New Fijian Translation of the Holy Bible.

In the early 1990s, this sheltered white boy from Beaumaris undertook studies through the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at Monash University, Frankston. In my second year I met and was taught by the amazing Fijian Sociologist Dr Robert Wolfgramm. From him I learned fundamentals in the Sociology of Indigenous and Ethnic Relations, the Sociology of Religions and the Sociology of Popular Music. Robert changed the course of my life. We became close friends, he invited me to stay for a couple of months with him in his ancestral village of Qamea in group of small, remote islands north of Taveuni.
As our friendship progressed I served as Best Man at his wedding to Lupe Koroi and when we returned to Australia, Robert suggested that…